Tempo Training: When and why you use tempo training

What tempo training is, and how to follow it. Let us understand the tempo training protocol, and tempo training could be a remarkable tool for you. What does tempo training mean or 4-0-2-0? Tempo numbers are always written in four numbers like 4–0–2–0, which are named E, P, C, P in short. Which will be […]

How many Reps Set Rest: Strength Hypertrophy Endurance

We are going to talk about volume and rep here. According to our Goal, how many reps, set and rest periods should we have in strength, hypertrophy and endurance training. Let’s understand these the strength (muscle building or powerlifting) or endurance (fat-loss) and hypertrophy category wise. I will explain the different categories so that I […]

Muscle Fiber: What are the Different Muscle Fiber Type

Muscle fiber types are often classified into 2 main types: Type 1 muscle fibers and Type 2 muscle fibers. Type 2 fibers are often more classified into Type 2a and Type 2b fibers. Type-1 (Slow-Twitch) Fibers The slow muscles are a lot of economical at mistreatment oxygen and glucose to generate a lot of fuel […]

Anti-Drug Diet Plan: Get Away From Drug

Anti-Drug Diet Plan is designed for someone who is going through Drug Rehab treatment through rehab centers or medications, etc. They need to follow the nutrition plan which will help to improve Brain functioning, production of Red Blood Cells, reproductive system & hormone imbalance, strengthen the immune system, etc. During drug addiction, it causes some […]

Cholesterol Diet Plan: LDL and HDL Cholesterol

Cholesterol Diet Plan: LDL and HDL Cholesterol: – Cholesterol could be a waxy substance that comes from 2 sources: your body and food. Your body, and especially your liver, makes all the cholesterol you need and circulates it through the blood. But cholesterin is additionally found in foods from animal sources, like meat, poultry, and […]

Obesity Diet Plan: Diet to reduce obesity

Obesity Diet Plan: Diet to reduce obesity TIPS: – Do not put yourself in starvation mode, Eat a meal every 2.5 to 3 hours. We have to kick start the metabolism, if we skip meals then our metabolism will drop down and cause weight gain. If you are Non-Vegetarian then you can also add eggs […]

What is Good Fat and Bad Fat: Unsaturated and Saturated

What is Good Fat and Bad Fat: Unsaturated and Saturated:- All fats are not alike. Some varieties of fats are essential for permanent health. Other fats will raise blood cholesterol levels or produce other negative effects on vessel health. Eating an excessive amount of fat of every type will add excess calories and cause weight […]

Kids Diet Plan for Age Group 2-12 Years

Kids Diet Plan for Age Group 2-12 Years: – Brain development Height development Muscle development Bone development Diet for kids is predicated on a similar principle as a diet for adults. Everybody needs a similar variety of nutrients – like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Kids, however, need different amounts of specific nutrients at […]

Evidence Based Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health and Well-Being

Evidence Based Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health and Well-Being: – Comprehensive yoga (including postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation) improves mental health and promotes well-being. [Hadi, N., 2007; Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. 13(4):837]. ‘Yoga’ helps in improvements in children’s perceived well-being. [Berger, D.L., 2009; Alternative Therapies In Health And Medicine. 15(5):36-42]. Kripalu yoga benefits […]

Evidence Based Benefits of Yoga Practices on Brain

Evidence Based Benefits of Yoga Practices on Brain: – Bhastrika pranayama reduces the reaction time of the practitioners. [Telles, 2013, Percept Mot Skills; 117(1):1131-40]. Both kapalabhati and breath awareness will improve fine motor skills and visual discrimination, with a larger magnitude of modification once kapalabahti. [Telles, 2012, Int J Yoga; 5(1):37-41]. Alternate Nostril Breathing has […]

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