Ayurveda diet concept to stay healthy and protect the health

The main purpose of the Ayurveda diet is to protect the health of a healthy person and to prevent diseases. The Ayurveda doctor does not only treat the patient by keeping in mind the symptoms of diseases. But also in the meditation of the patient’s soul, mind, body nature, gout, bile, mucus/phlegm, etc., hence Ayurveda is not a figurative practice. It is an institutional medical practice.

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According to Ayurveda, diet is considered important for health, so the person to be healthy, it is important to have knowledge related to diet. Diet will be beneficial for our health only when we do it not only taste but in terms of health.

Constitution healthy diet concept of in Ayurvedic

Pitta is among the tridoshas. The term Pitta comes from this Sanskrit root tap and it viz, to burn, to create heat, to allow the achievements. Pitta is accountable for the creation of heat, burning this food ingested, etc. The theories of metabolic and digestion process in Ayurveda are derived from the concept of Pitta. Pitta’s colour is yellow and blue, the flavors are amla and Katu. Pitta is Drava, ushna, Snigdha, tikshna, Sara, laghu, and visada. The odor of Pitta is visra. The normal quantity of Pitta within the body is five Anjali i.e., 5 times the quantity that may be comprised of the hollow of one’s hand.

The seats of Pitta is Sweda, rasa, Alaska, rudhira, amasaya, nabhi, chakshu, and sparsanam. The adhoamasaya is regarded because of the special seat of Pitta. The acts of Pitta are digestion of this food, creation of hunger, power of visions, creation of ordinary body heat, ordinary colour and elasticity of this body, the softness of this body, luster, intellect, courage, cheerfulness, and lucidity of the brain. The Pitta based on Ayurveda is similar to Agni or fire, as its own functions from the human body resemble those of the Agni viz.paka or pachana. Agni within the body is implicit from the Pitta.

Functions dahana, paka or ushnatva

The functions of dahana, paka, ushnatva, etc. Are conducted by the Agni from the world and it is stated that the Pitta conducts these functions inside the body. The Pitta is called the flame or antaragni since the functions cannot exhibit themselves with no intervention of the Pitta from the body. The Pitta’s activity is remedied by the management of substances and drugs which have attributes or qualities of agni, whilst moisture subdues the actions of Pitta. Based on this it may be concluded that the Pitta from the human body and the Agni are identical. However, a study of the distinction from this quality of this Pitta and Agni will uncover that this Pitta is only an agneya dravya, but not Agni itself.

Pitta is a panchabhautika dravya with a predominance of Agni bhuta within it. The growth and reduction of Pachakapith. The primary growth and reduction of the Pachakapith. They’re originated from it. Their waxing and waning depend on This location of Pachaka-Pitta are interior of this amasaya. This location of Pachaka-Pitta is interior of this amasaya and Pakvasaya are combinedly known as koshta.

Repugnant/Against/Anti diet according to Ayurveda

With Milk

milk bottle clean cold

Curd, Salt, radish, radish leaves, Other raw salads, Horseradish, tamarind, muskmelon, Wood-fruit, Coconut, amla [(Spondias Mangifera),( amrassa)], Lemon, Likuch [(Badhal), (eddyh), (Artocarpus lakoocha), (Monkey jack)], Karonda(Carissa Carandus), Kamambha (Carambola or Starfruit)( kamarakh), Blackberry, Kaith(Feronia limonia), paaraavat(Acid fruit), Pomegranate, Anvla(Anvil), galagal, jambir or dantshath, jambiri lemon or hill paper, idlib and lemon, Jaggery, Tilakut(citrus), Kuthali, Urad, chickling(moth), nibhav, cangue, Van, Sattu(made by grinding grated barley and gram), oil, and other types of sour fruits or sours, fish, etc..

According to Ayurveda, eating with milk is considered harmful to health.

With curd


With curd the use of kheer, milk, paneer, cottage cheese, hot substance, and hot-food, kheer, melon, palm fruits, etc. is antitrust According to Ayurveda.

With Kheer

bowl cuisine delicious

Jackfruit, Sour fruit (curd, lemon, etc.), sattu, alcohol etc. consumption with Kheer is antipathy according to Ayurveda.

With honey

close up honey pouring

ghee (the same amount of ghee), rainwater, oil, fats, grapes, lotus seeds, radish, hot water, hot milk or other hot water, kusumbh greens, sharkar (sorbet made of sugars) and Marie (pies made with dates), etc. is against consumption with honey (kakmachi) according to Ayurveda. It is prohibited to heating and drinking with honey.

With cold water

clean clear cold

Ghee, oil, watermelon, guava, cucumber, common cucumber, peanut, chilgoza, etc., it is against/antagonist with this honey according to Ayurveda.

With hot water or hot drinks

beverage black and white coffee

Honey, ice cream, kulfi, and other soft drinks. According to Ayurveda, it is harmful to health, if you are consumed with hot water or hot drink.

With ghee


Consumption of honey and cold water in the same quantity with ghee is harmful to health, According to Ayurveda. If ghee is kept in bronze vessels for ten days or more, then this ghee becomes like poison.

With the melon


Garlic, curd, milk, girls’ leaves, water, etc. Consumption with melon is harmful to health, According to Ayurveda.

With watermelon


Cold water and mint with watermelon are considered harmful to health, according to Ayurveda.

With rice


Intake of vinegar with rice is considered harmful to health, According to Ayurveda.

With sesame seeds

sesame seeds

Due to Ayurveda, cooked Upokika (Poi) with a til cloth is harmful to health in the same amount of food.

With Salt


Salt should not be consumed too much. According to Ayurveda, It is very harmful to health.

With sprouted grains, gram etc.

sprouted grains

With the help of germinated grains, gram etc., the consumption of Kamal is forbidden, According to Ayurveda. Consumption of raw food grains with raw sprouts is harmful too.

With Makoy


Consumption of pippi, bell pepper, good and honey with makoya is harmful to health. If the cooked fish is cooked in the pot, if it is kept in the night, then it should not be eaten.

With Urad Dal

Urad Dal

If radish is consumed with Urad Dal, it is very harmful to health.

With banana


According to Ayurveda diet, the complaint (Mathha) is against health.

With Milk, Sura, Khichdi


According to the rules of Ayurveda diet, these three Milk, Sura, and Khichdi should not eat together because it is harmful to the body.

Due to this type of eating, our body’s metal and impurities become imbalanced, resulting in various types of diseases. Therefore, only after considering all these foods should eat food.

The person affected by the opposite diet

Pranayama, Yogasana and exercise increase the immune system. Therefore, there is no particular side effect on such persons, those who exercise daily, ghee, milk, etc., who are consuming additives, acute digestive strong people and continuous practice, for whom the antagonism has become a reality. Even taking a small quantity does not disrupt the antidote; if it happens then it is only partially.

Ayurveda diet concept to stay healthy and protect the health

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